The Party

17 Feb - 19 Mar |


The outrageous new headline production by creative geniuses Strut and Fret, creators of Blanc de Blanc and LIMBO. 

Calling all social climbers, rich kids, gate crashers and hangers-on; the lavish stage is set for The Party of the century, so make sure you’re on the invite list. This evening is destined to be one for the history books. 

The Party is a highly exclusive evening of the upmost sophistication with absolutely no rules. What could possibly go wrong?

This show is the perfect fringe celebration. Unbelievably talented international circus artists, great music, extravagant costumes, and an escalating energy within a theatre set unlike anything you've ever seen before at Fringe

As they say – ‘if you've ever been to a wilder party - you're under arrest!’


★★★★★ 'The Party you’ve always wanted to be invited to.' Upside Adelaide

★★★★★ 'An R-rated Looney Tunes cartoon on acid.' See Do Eat Review

★★★★★ 'The best two hours of your life, flawless acrobatics and sharp-witted humour.' Weekend Notes

★★★★★ 'Expect spectacular dancing, gravity-defying stunts and circus acts, weaved into a surprising story, and tied together with impeccable comedy.' – Ade Lover

Suitability Rated: R18+

Presented by: Strut & Fret