Lawrence Mooney Embracing Your Limitations

8-19 March |


The world is full of self-styled gurus, Svengalis, mind coaches and horrific influencers.

Are you sick of the world? Are you tired of your own bullshit?

Lawrence is here to help you to quit, embrace your inner loser and win at life.

Based on his anti self-help book Embracing Your Limitations is coming to the Adelaide Fringe and he’s going to transform you through laughter.  

No breathing exercises, vision boards or resolutions required.  Leave the yoga mat at home and put down the activated almonds.  It’s time to kill the dreams and stop overreaching.  See you’re feeling better already.


"An extraordinary and stupendously funny comedian, one day I’ll take a stopwatch to a Lawrence Mooney show and time when the audience isn’t laughing, it won’t be for long." The West Australian.

★★★★½ The Advertiser 

Suitability Rated: MA15+

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