17 - 26 Feb |


A doctor told me drinking would shorten my life. That’s not fair – I let the wine breathe, you’d think it’d return the favour. A show about health, stress and the “healthy stress” of important decisions. When even the small things in life are against you, you may as well have a laugh about it.    

After over 18 years in the game, Dave Thornton has built a reputation for being one of the best live stand-up comedians in the country. You may have seen him on The Project, Would I Lie to You Australia, or Fox Sport’s The Back Page.

Ad free and streamed right from his mouth to your ears and eyeballs. If it’s an hour of laughs you’re after, this is where you’ll get them.   

"My face and sides ached from non-stop laughing.” ★★★★½ The Advertiser   

“Don’t miss this.” ★★★★★ The Scotsman  

Suitability Rated: M

Presented by: Token Events