Daniel Kitson - I Shall Have a Good Think When Everybody's Gone Home

16 - 19 Mar |


These shows are now cancelled due to Covid. 

After three years of successfully hiding from the lurgy (primarily by hiding from people) and twelve hours before getting on a plane to Australia - it got me. It sat me down and gave me a right royal seeing to.

Fair play.  

Since then, i've spent most of the week, being in bed, wearing multiple jumpers at the same time and failing to smell myself - I was hoping to be recovered in time to make these shows happen but that's not been possible. I'm sorry. 

You can get a full refund for any booked tickets and if i manage to reschedule something in Adelaide (which is possible without being probable) i'll let you know through my mailing list. 

Suitability Rated: M

Presented by: Daniel Kitson